Introducing Our 3D Print-Knit Shop

Today we're excited to announce the opening of our 3D Print-Knit Shop at Santa Monica Place, and the introduction of the 3D Print-Knit "Custom-Function" Thermal Sweater: It's a long name for a new Labs experiment in which we're creating garments based on your individual characteristics.

The 3D Print-Knit Custom Function Sweater

The new 3D Print-Knit Custom Function sweater is the synthesis of our explorations in 3D Print-Knit technology and our research into how our bodies regulate heat. With this new technology, we’re able to scan and analyze a heat map of your body and create a sweater that’s mapped to your thermal profile.

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The 3D Print-Knit Shop

The 3D Print-Knit shop serves as an entry point into the process of creating a custom-function garment. 3D Print-Knit technology enables us to translate your thermal profile into a body-mapped knit pattern that seamlessly puts ventilation where you need it most. The knit pattern is generated using 3D modeling that’s designed to optimize for heat and motion. Visitors to the shop will be able to scan their body to generate a thermal profile map, and then have a Custom-Function Thermal sweater produced to order. 

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Since your clothes express your personal style as much as your body’s needs, customization doesn’t end at the Thermal Profile. Visitors can also select custom color combinations for their made-to-order sweater.

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Why Thermal Mapping?

We’ve been researching the details of how the body expels heat, produces moisture, and flexes during movement since our inception. We’ve used thermal mapping tools as part of our design process since we set out to create our first dress shirt, and we use this type of research for every garment we produce. The results can readily be seen in the distinctive ventilation patterns of our socks, shirts, and sweaters. Now your sweater can be made to match your specific profile instead of a more general model.

Working with 3D Print-Knit, we had a lightbulb moment: We realized that we could use our research and manufacturing technologies together to create sweaters customized to the wearer’s individual thermal profile. We set out to create an end-to-end system that would allow you to create custom garments on demand. 

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Why 3D Print-Knit?

Our 3D Print-Knit garments are produced using Shima Seiki Wholegarment™ knitting machines, a technology similar to 3D printing. This technology allows each garment to be produced on its own without waste or loss of efficiency. 3D Print-Knit garments begin as digital design files, which are then knit into whole garments without any seams. That means more potential for customization, and considerably less waste than cut-and-sew manufacturing and conventional ordering strategies.

To date, we’ve explored a variety of 3D Print-Knit styles, beginning with blazers, and recently expanding into dresses and sweaters. These pieces have been met with amazing feedback, and we’re excited to do more with the technology. Looking ahead, we’re inspired by the potential for customization with 3D Print-knitting. Today, we’re experimenting with thermal mapping and custom function, and we believe that body-mapping for custom fit is not too far away.

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About the 3D Print-Knit Custom Thermal Sweater

Designed as a layering piece that can be worn on its own or over a dress shirt, the 3D Print-Knit thermal sweater is a casual, everyday piece for cooler days.
• Epaulette sleeve gives a sharp aesthetic
• Thermography translated into geometric design for clean looks and custom function
• Custom color options, including two color “barcode” blends

Our 72% Acrylic/Viscose 28% PBT yarn is optimized for its thermal properties as well as its stretch and handfeel. Acrylic has a wool-like fiber shape that insulates while retaining its soft feel. Resilient stretch makes the sweater feel like wearing a hug.
• Targeted, Personalized Ventilation
• 3D Articulation
• Resilient Warmth

This sweater is designed to be worn on its own or over a shirt. The fit is comfortably form-flattering without being too tight. It should fit comfortably under a jacket.

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Visit the 3D Print-Knit Shop at Santa Monica Place

395 Santa Monica Place 
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Store Hours
Mon - Sat 10am - 9pm
Sun 11am - 8pm


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