A Thanksgiving Note from Our Founders

Hi folks,

A year has passed since our last direct line to you, and given the season - it seems like the right time to check in and share our unfiltered state of mind and our gratitude.

This year we made it a focus to connect directly with you–thousands of times, through dozens of mediums. You were generous with your reviews, compliments, feedback, and direct participation in our design process. Understanding your needs is our secret sauce. We call it “Quantified Empathy,” which is a fancy way of describing our process of capturing your demands, and translating those directly into the products we invent.

Thanks to you, we did a number of things we never thought possible this year: We started 3D-printing clothing in our Boston store, making it a fully functioning factory and distribution center; we donated thousands of items to people in need, to prepare for job interviews, through a combination of your donations, our fresh socks, and some toiletries; we opened three stores; and we launched some amazing new items (we’re not supposed to play favorites, but the Kinetic Towncoat is my pick of the year).

So, what’s next?

Holiday Season and Beyond
While we never intend to compete with the "big guys" with their deep Black Friday discounts, we know that some of you will be looking to shop with us during the holiday season. To show our appreciation, we are offering gift credit on orders over $250 starting on Friday, and we have some great bundles lined up over the next week. We hope to see you online and in our stores!

Changing what it means to have stores
We’re doubling down on our commitment to provide awesome retail experiences. From simply inviting you in for some hot chocolate to 3D-printing your garments in person, we're redefining the role of stores.

"Custom-function," and beyond
More to come here, but we’re partnering with MIT to launch something pretty crazy (partly this winter, and partly next year). As a teaser, we want to know: how does your skin breathe? We’ll find out, and knit around you.

And now, our list of thank you’s: We’ll start with our team (there are now 45 of us), our major production partners Singtex and Toray, and most of all, each and every one of you. Thanks again, and again and again–this business is a dream come true for Gihan, me, and our entire team. Without you giving us a shot (and spreading the word), we wouldn’t get to keep doing it. On behalf of of the entire team, please accept our deepest gratitude for all you’ve done for us this past year!


Aman and Gihan