New PatternsAero Dress Shirts

The performance professional dress shirt.


Elegance engineered for comfort.

Just Launched:Composite Slim Fit Polo

Performance enhanced with ultra-soft Merino wool.

Composite Tee:Scientifically Soft

A performance tee enhanced with ultra-soft Merino wool.

Hybrid Button Down:Lightweight and Ultra Breathable

T-shirt comfort disguised as a button down.

NEW:Momentum Chino Shorts

Scientifically softer shorts.

APOLLO 3 Collection

A knit fabric born from space.

Apollo 3 PoloNASA Grade Temperature regulation

The polo engineered for summer.

New StylesWomen's Kinetic Pants

Engineered to fit and flatter your body in motion.

“freedom from ironing and dry cleaning. That's happiness! :-)”
- Ken K.
“I work a job that requires me to look nice but also be able to be functional for everything from crime scenes to court. Ministry of supply pants Rock!”
- Carole B.
“Seriously, from the moment I put it on, it surpassed every expectation I had of it.”
- J.A.
“Love this even more than silk.”
- Nicole F.