Surface Matter: Hadrien Monloup


Our goal is to equip you for greatness, like a desk does. Which is why they have us so intrigued. Hence, Surface Matter: it's a micro-level look at the uniquely curated workspaces of those we admire most.

This week, we’re taking a look at the workspace of Hadrien Monloup, co-founder and design director of Bellroy, the company with goals to slim your wallet through functional yet style-conscious design.

Founded in 2009 by Andy Fallshaw and Hadrien Monloup, the Australian brand – based in Jan Juc, Victoria – are focused on reinventing the traditional wallet and changing the way men carry their everyday necessities. Through carefully crafted leather products, Bellroy merges utility with innovation and, like MOS, is driven by finding attainable solutions to everyday problems. For more “Carry Candy”, check out the Bellroy blog, Carryology, which explores everything from backpacks to laptop sleeves and spotlights the innovators of the carry world.

Name: Hadrien Monloup

Company: Bellroy

Surface Philosophy: "I find that starting my day with a surf check really helps me get my thoughts in order. Fortunately, Bellroy’s Jan Juc office is just a stone’s throw from Bells Beach. (The view really never gets old.) There, I try to establish a good sense of my to-do list for the day, as well as how the projects I'm working on will further our design vision and keep Bellroy agile.

“I’ll then enjoy a morning coffee with the team before diving into a meeting or two. Looking at my ‘space’,  I really like to keep my desk pretty clear –tidy, but not overly so. There’s usually a bunch of new samples (although they never seem to stay on my desk for long) as well as my essentials: a sketchbook, a good pen, my laptop and Wacom 13HD cintiq, and noise-cancelling headphones.

“In everything we do here, we’re trying to learn/create/embrace better ways. We recently bought standing desks for both Bellroy offices and honestly, if you can, treat yourself. They’re killer.

“I also find working in different spaces in the office helps me with different tasks. Standing at my desk is where I’ll take care of emails. If I need to sketch something, I might move away from my desk and into the design area. Having that flexibility to move around helps me maintain my energy and focus.”