Momentum Chino

Men's Pants


Color: Navy



Momentum Chino fabric is woven from hollow-core fibers: tiny polyester tubes with a hollow interior. The hollow-core not only reduces weight, but also forms an air pocket in every fiber that acts as insulation, similar to how a vacuum thermos traps air to keep beverages either hot or cold.

• Hollow-core polyester
• Spun fiber finish
• Abrasion Resistant
• Wrinkle Resistant
• Machine wash, tumble dry
• Made by Bluewave in China


Superior shape retention means Momentum Chinos are never baggy in the knee or seat by the end of the day.

A contemporary straight cut. Our standard fit provides breathing room without being baggy.

A tailored cut, our slim fit is tapered from the thigh through the leg opening for a slender look that’s not too tight.

Pant Length
Our pants are all cut long and finished with a simple hem. We reimburse for hemming with store credit.

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Proof 1

Comfort in motion.

14% spandex stretch twill enables the same extreme mobility you count on in your athletic wear.

Proof 2

A thermostat for your body.

Hollow-core fibers each contain a micro-pocket of air that insulates your body, providing a wide comfortable temperature range.

Proof 3

Scientifically soft.

Spun nylon yarns make the fabric abrasion-resistant and cotton-soft to the touch.