Men's Composite Full Zip


Color: Grey



A blend of natural Merino wool and moisture-wicking polyester built for next-level softness and durability.

• 78% Acrylic, 14% Polyester, 8% Wool
• Fabric milled in Taiwan
• Made by Crown Yin in Taiwan
• Machine wash, tumble dry.


Composite Full Zip fits true to size and is sized for layering over a shirt or baselayer.

All sizes measured in inches.
All measurements based on garment size.

Model is 6'0", 175lbs and is wearing a Medium.

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Scientifically soft.

Wool micro-fibrils are ultra-soft, providing next-to-skin comfort and a natural matte finish.

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Field-tested durability.

We combined extra-fine graded Merino wool with durable polyester for extended life.

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Dry microclimate.

Polyester wicks away moisture vapor, while wool absorbs sweat. The blend results in a dry microclimate that keeps you fresh and warm.

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Natural odor control.

Wool naturally contains lanolin and keratin, two anti-microbial substances that mitigate odor from bacterial growth.

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Washable wool.

The surface of each fiber has been smoothed, preventing scratchiness and pilling over frequent wash cycles.