About Us

Radically engineered dress clothes


We started Ministry of Supply to solve the problems of stiff, high-maintenance dress clothes by engineering high-performing, comfortable apparel.


Stretch, breathability, and no more ironing.

We’re creating a new category of clothing. We call it “performance professional.” We re-invent sharp, classic styles in materials that synchronize with the human body.

How it started

We realized dresswear didn't have to hold us back.

It all started with shirts and socks. We knew athletic clothes were made with high-tech fabrics that kept you comfortable while working out, and we wanted that kind of performance when we were at work. Our first prototypes were Frankenstein creations: socks and dress shirts built by cutting and sewing fabric from our favorite athletic clothes into business-appropriate attire.


Understanding real people's demands.

Born at MIT, we take a scientific approach to design. We research the body's needs and invent apparel that's sweat proof, high stretch, and easy care–dress clothes you actually want to wear.


We want to unlock your full potential.

We’re inspired by people that do great things, no matter how large or small. We engineer clothing for people who never stop, who wish there was a 25th hour in the day.


Building a responsible clothing cycle.


Building a culture of empathetic invention.


Why Ministry of Supply?

We're inspired by Q from James Bond. He's based on a real person: Charles Fraser-Smith, an inventor for British Special Ops. His cover is our namesake: the Ministry of Supply.