Rob Glover

Constant Movement

Growing up in Liverpool, Rob Glover was steered toward dance as a way to stay out of trouble. He's always been addicted to movement, and would have found himself caught up in dangerous activities like soccer or boxing if he hadn’t discovered music and dance instead. These days, he spends time on both sides of the Atlantic and fuels his addiction through constant movement as an assistant choreographer on Dancing With The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing, choreographer for movies and country musicians, and private instructor. For Rob, “dance is the perfection of movement,” and he’s passionate about the process of moving creatively.

For Rob, it’s bacon butty for breakfast in England. “But here, multigrain cheerios and bananas.” Adaptability is key.

Rob's personal style: “British, fitted, dark, hats, Liverpool shirts / jerseys.” Going Places pants are his favorite Ministry of Supply product because they really enable movement.

“I'm addicted to the root of movement. If it's swinging a golf club or kicking a ball, the movement is powerful and fascinating, and dance is the perfection of movement.”

“Be genuine and create true friendships: the performing arts is true when it's genuine.”


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