Announcing: The Mercury Sweater


We’re always striving to develop the most advanced technical fabrics. But in the case of Merino wool? Nature beat us to the punch. Inherently moisture wicking and odor absorbent, Merino is a natural performance material. And once we decided to make a sweater, Merino was the obvious fiber choice.  

We wanted our very first sweater to be classic. Comfortable. And, of course, warm. Traditional Merino is known for warmth; in fact, its crinkle-shaped fibers hold heat so well, the ultrafine wool can actually lead to overheating. CEO Gihan Amarasiriwardena explains:

"In our own outdoor lives, ultrafine Merino wool has always been a favorite. Thousands of years of evolution have developed a fiber that’s inherently moisture wicking and insulating. But in an urban environment, one often finds themselves constantly putting on and taking off layers as they oscillate between the cold outdoors and the stifling-hot indoors. We knew here had to be a better way."

Which is where technology comes in.

To combat the risk of too much warmth, we blended the Merino fibers with Phase Change Material (or PCM), a NASA-invented technology used in spacesuits to regulate astronauts’ body temperatures in drastically changing climates. Functioning like a thermostat, PCM reacts to your body temperature: if you’re too hot, they will store heat away from your body, and then when you need the heat, they’ll release it back. By blending PCM with Merino, you get the best of both worlds: a sweater that'll maintain a stable temperature, depending on what your body needs.

And with that, we present Mercury: the perfect marriage of age-old natural performance and avant garde space age technology. It's quite possibly the smartest sweater, ever. 


It's a performance-wear natural. 
Inherently moisture wicking and temperature regulating (not to mention, super soft), ultrafine Merino wool is nature's performance material.  

It maintains your ideal body temperature. 
We integrated Phase Change Materials (or PCM) into Merino wool. PCM is the same technology used to regulate astronauts body temperature in space suits: the material absorbs heat away from your skin when you’re overheated, then releases the heat when you’re cold.

It fits your body.
Like 3D printing, but for fabrics, variable seamless knitting enables us to customize shape, bringing our 3-dimensional, body-mapped design to life.  

It keeps you cool.
To maximize airflow, we used thermomapping to pinpoint your body's hotspots, then targeted them with seamless ventilation panels.







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