Surface Matter: Mei Mei


Our goal is to equip you for greatness, like a desk does. Which is why they have us so intrigued. Hence, Surface Matter: it's a micro-level look at the uniquely curated workspaces of those we admire most. 

For this week's edition of Surface Matter, we fulfilled a personal fantasy of ours by stepping into Mei Mei, one of our favorite food trucks in Boston. Mei Mei serves up "creative Chinese-American cuisine" which includes epic creations like our office favorite, the Double Awesome: a fried scallion pancake folded around local greens pesto, cheddar, and two slow-poached – then fried – eggs. (It's wholly deserving of its name, as Google Image can attest.)

Founded in 2012 by siblings Andrew, Margaret, and Irene, Mei Mei (Chinese for "little sister") uses only local, sustainable ingredients to make everything that's being served out of both the truck and their Boston restaurant. Since its launch, Mei Mei has been winning all types of awards (like Boston Eater's Restaurant of the Year and Boston Magazine's Best Meal on Wheels), and we're feeling pretty good about the fact that our Boston HQ is just a few blocks from one of the regular Mei Mei truck stops


Company: Mei Mei 

Surface Philosophy: "We form reciprocal relationships with farmers we trust and work hard to make their products and wisdom shine - even through the winter. We always serve meat from animals that are humanely raised on pasture. No factory farms, ever. We compost and recycle to minimize waste and help keep our planet a healthy, thriving place. And we value our relationships – with our team, our farmers, the earth, and our guests. As a family business, we try to make everyone feel like family.”