Atlas Full Zip


Color: Black



Seamless Variable Knitting allows us to create knits that conform to your body without cutting and sewing. We use a Merino wool/acrylic blend for its excellent shape retention and natural odor resistance.

• 44% Polyester, 42% Wool, 12% Nylon, 2% Elastane
• Made by Vista Apparel in China
• Machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry. Cool iron if needed.


Fits true to size and hugs the body without feeling tight or constricting.

Will shrink 1/2 size if machine dried.

All sizes measured in inches.
All measurements based on garment size.

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Proof 1

3D Print-Knit fit.

3D Print-Knit enables us to create a garment with varied 3D structure, including articulated shoulders and elbows, through a rib knit that enables stretch and a natural posture.

Proof 2

Targeted seamless ventilation.

Based on our studies of body heat, we digitally designed the ventilation pattern that we then seamlessly knit in 3D.

Proof 3

Scientifically soft.

Merino wool fibers measure just 19.5 microns in diameter. The ultra-fine yarn feels incredibly soft against our skin.

Proof 4

Natural odor control.

Wool fibers naturally contain lanolin and keratin, two anti-microbial substances that mitigate bacterial growth and control odor.

Proof 5

Washable wool.

We specifically selected “washable wool” for Composite, meaning the surface of each fiber has been smoothed to prevent scratchiness and pilling after frequent wash cycles.