Structure Your Day Classic Leg Pant

Structure Your Day

The essential pants that look as incredible as they feel.


When we talked to women about pants, their feedback was unanimous: By the end of the workday, the knees and seat of most wear-to-work pants stretch out and look baggy. That means that dress pants are saggy past the point of professionalism long before you get home to change. Our solution is a pant that you can move freely in, without losing that structured shape.

Stay Sharp

Clean lines all day.

No matter how much you sit or bend, Structure Your Day pants will look just as clean and polished by EOD as they did when you left for work that morning. That’s the magic of shape-memory fabric.

Move Freely

No holding back.

From sitting at your desk to racing up stairs, pants undergo more strain than most garments. Structure Your Day is made with 4-way stretch fibers, making these movements easy and comfortable.

Don't Stress

Zero-effort care.

No dry cleaning bills. No ironing before work. Structure Your Day is machine washable and resists wrinkles – just shake out the pants when they're ready to wear and you’re good to go.

Smarter clothes. Smarter workday.