Mercury App Update

Hi All,

Hope your year's are off to a great start! So much to update you on - a lot of progress on the app, and excited to hear that people are getting a lot of use (and warmth) out of their jackets. Do keep sharing pictures and stories on all of the amazing places your Mercury is going! We've been floored by the stories we've heard.

To start: the updated app for iOS (version 1.2.2) has now been approved and launched - it’s available on the App Store here. An update for Android (1.1.0) is also now available on the Play Store here. We apologize for the delay as during this time of year the App Store approval process takes longer than anticipated.

Next, we put together this video that should help you better understand how to use your jacket along with the current version of the app:



Connectivity: First and foremost - we are aware of the reoccurring connection issue and apologize we’re not able to solve it sooner. We’re working with a Bluetooth Specialist to fix the issue whether that be via an App or Over-the-Air Firmware update, but in the meantime, we’ve put together a guide to get the most out of your jacket right now. Mercury will maintain a connection as long as its battery is charged and it is on, and the app running. If you do need to re-connect (e.g. after charging the battery or reconnecting the battery), we’ve included instructions below.

Learning Smart Mode: Learning Smart Mode has been released. This allows Mercury to learn your temperature preferences. To use Smart Mode, click on the “SMART” button, and scroll up or down to adjust your desired heat output. Mercury will remember your setpoints and create a model for heat output based on your input. Note: Mercury learns proportional to your input, scrolling doesn’t set an exact heat level, it indicates whether you want more or less heat given your current set of temperature and motion conditions.

App-build Community: If you're on of the handful of backers who have been testing the app and pushing the boundaries, we'd love to involve you in the app build and de-bug process, if you're up for it. Just shoot us a note ( and we'll loop you in on progress to get your earlier feedback so releases are stronger.

Smart Mode
Smart Mode

Advice on how to get the most out of your jacket while we work to resolve the connectivity issue:

Option #1: Ready to go out of the Box

The Jacket comes pre-loaded with a pre-trained Smart Mode (Green) as well as a Manual mode (Red) set to output full heat. The easiest way to use the jacket? Just plug it in and click the power button to switch to your mode of choice.

If you’re having issues with the App, the Jacket will fully function on it’s own. While these preferences work for many, if you find the settings too cold or warm - you can adjust the settings in Option #2.

Option #2: Single Day Machine Learning Session - Recommended

This is an accelerated track for teaching the Jacket your preferences. Starting with a fully charged Battery and Mobile device, pair you Mercury to your phone (see below if you’re having issues) and take the jacket through a normal day, adding 10 - 20 set points in various temperatures as you go. This will be enough data for the jacket to learn your preferences for your specific climate. The Mercury App constantly updates the thermal profile in the connected Mercury Jacket or Vest. Once the App is no longer connected to the Mercury Jacket or Vest those settings will be preserved indefinitely, meaning the jacket will save your exact specified preferences. We’ve found a single day of wear is enough to establish an accurate adaptive thermal profile.

Option #3: Manual Re-Pairing

This will take additional time to ‘Forget’ and ‘Pair’ a Jacket or device each time it’s used. Follow the instructions below:

1) Go to your Bluetooth Settings

2) Click the “i” Information icon next to the device “Mercury Jacket”

3) Click “Forget This Device”

4) Confirm by clicking “Forget Device” (This step may need to be repeated a second time.)

5. Restart your Mercury Jacket by reconnecting the battery, and restart the Mercury App and you will be prompted to Pair the Device Again.

Thank you again for all of your feedback and patience during this process. No doubt we've learned so much about the world of machine learning and wearables, and we're so excited that you're enjoying your jackets during a cold winter. We are excited to have you all as contributors to building this pioneering product!

Happy New Year,

The Ministry of Supply Team