Going Places 5-Pocket

Going Places

Extreme stretch, extreme versatility.


If your day is action-packed, you need clothes that don’t threaten to rip with every move. The issue with traditional woven suiting is that it’s designed on static mannequins. An actual person who walks, runs, bends, and sits daily needs suiting that enables full range of motion without sacrificing sharp looks. Countless hours of research, testing, and prototyping later, we developed that suiting using an innovative knit fabric.

Move Freely

Knit for lightweight movement.

The Going Places fabric is actually a tightly-knit material that's more lightweight and flexible than woven suiting fabric. It also wicks sweat, breathes, and feels really comfortable next-to-skin.

Stay Sharp

Always polished.

From all the guys we’ve spoken with, it’s clear that looking great in what you’re wearing – be it in a meeting or on the weekend – is just as important as how those clothes feel. Going Places’ extra-stretchy material means we can design slimmer, cleaner-looking garments without sacrificing range of movement.

Don't Stress

Zero-effort care.

You should be able to stuff your jacket in an overhead bin without worrying about how it’s going to look when you land. And you can, thanks to Going Places’ wrinkle-resistant material – just shake out the garment to keep it looking smooth. This goes for when it comes out of the wash, too (yes, you can machine-wash it).

Smarter clothes. Smarter workday.