Easier Than Silk Nehru

Easier Than Silk

The drape and feel of silk, without the hassle.


In countless sessions with our design council, we heard consistent feedback about silk blouses: they’re great when it comes to drape and next-to-skin feel, but the cons outweigh the pros. Silk is prone to sweat stains and wrinkles, it clings, and it loses its shape through the day. We made it our goal to create a collared shirt that delivers that same timeless elegance, without any of silk’s hassles.

Stay Sharp

Effortless polish all day.

As you heat up and move through the day, silk inevitably begins to fall flat. Easier Than Silk’s material has all-day shape memory, so your shirt’s looking polished well past EOD.

Move Freely

A shirt shouldn't hold you back.

Easier Than Silk is made with 4-way stretch fibers, so you can sit at your desk or reach for high-up objects without any restriction.

Don't Stress

Zero-effort care.

No dry cleaning bills. No ironing before work. Easier Than Silk is machine washable and resists wrinkles – just shake it out when it comes out of the dryer, and you’re good to go.

Smarter clothes. Smarter workday.