Momentum Chino

Men's Pants


Description: Orders of magnitude more advanced than your standard issue khakis, Momentum Chino is built for non-stop action.

Color: Olive

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Momentum Chino fabric is woven from hollow-core fibers: tiny polyester tubes with a hollow interior. The hollow-core not only reduces weight, but also forms an air pocket in every fiber that acts as insulation, similar to how a vacuum thermos traps air to keep beverages either hot or cold.

• Hollow-core polyester
• Spun fiber finish
• Abrasion Resistant
• Wrinkle Resistant
• Machine wash, tumble dry
• Made by Bluewave in China


Superior shape retention means Momentum Chinos are never baggy in the knee or seat by the end of the day.

Our pants are cut long, so we reimburse for hemming.

Straight A classic fit, tailored to include a bit of extra room through the leg without being baggy. Slim Highly tailored and slim through the leg, for a fit that looks sharp without breaking office dress code.

All sizes measured in inches.
All measurements based on garment size.

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Proof 1

Comfort in motion.

14% spandex stretch twill enables the same extreme mobility you count on in your athletic wear.

Proof 2

A thermostat for your body.

Hollow-core fibers each contain a micro-pocket of air that insulates your body, providing a wide comfortable temperature range.

Proof 3

Scientifically soft.

Spun nylon yarns make the fabric abrasion-resistant and cotton-soft to the touch.

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