Putting scientifically better clothes to the test.

LABS Tested

Scientifically Better Denim

Denim has been on the rise as a workplace staple, so we have been working to bring it up to date. LABS denim introduces one side our vision of the smart casual uniform.

LABS Tested

Engineering the LABS Zoned Dress Shirt

Our latest concept is the LABS Zoned Dress Shirt: a better shirt for hot days. 

LABS Tested

Ministry of Supply X New Balance 574

At Ministry of Supply, our inspiration drive our innovations. We incorporated visual cues from the Apollo 11 lunar mission into the MOS NB 574 to celebrate the audacity of invention.

LABS Tested

Comparing our Men's Pants

Our three collections of pants broken down into their respective strengths, all engineered to get you through any situation without breaking a sweat.

LABS Tested

Comparing Our Dress Shirts

Take a look under the hoods of Aero, Apollo, and Hybrid–shirts that take different approaches to comfort and performance.

LABS Tested

Mercury: The First Intelligent Heated Jacket

A functional, beautiful, everything-proof, voice-controlled jacket that automatically heats to your optimal temperature.

LABS Tested

Introducing Our 3D Print-Knit Shop

Today we're excited to announce the opening of our 3D Print-Knit Shop at Santa Monica Place, and the introduction of the 3D Print-Knit "Custom-Function" Thermal Sweater.

LABS Tested

Lab Report: 0617 Dress Shirt

The LABS_0617 Dress Shirt was developed to combine the best attributes of our two most popular shirts, Apollo and Aero. Here's how we tested a new fabric concept.

LABS Tested

1 In, 1 Out

We believe in simplifying and streamlining through a “1 In, 1 Out” policy: every time you buy something new, you donate something old. It’s the reason we started our 1 In, 1 Out clothing donation initiative.

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