A Thanksgiving Note From Our Founders

Hi folks,

I started writing this email this summer, when we were in the late stages of some big changes (more to come on that). It's been in my gmail drafts for about 3 months now, so as a warning, things might get a bit deep.

We started this company because we hated the stuff we had to wear to work. Before Ministry Apparel, I remember leaving a client site, heading back to the hotel (I was in consulting) to change into my workout clothes so I could keep working comfortably. Instead of going to dinner or out with friends, all I wanted to do was get home and change out of stiff work clothes—a sentiment that soon fueled our motivation to create this company.

If we’ve gotten the chance to meet you, then you know that we’re a group of engineers who snuck into Fashion Week five years ago and haven’t looked back. We continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude for your support and the fact that we still exist, let alone get to wake up every day and join a team of smart and incredibly witty people in pursuit of this vision. If you’re in Boston, we would absolutely love to have you at our office for a tour and a beer, to say thanks in person. (Let us know, or just stop by––we’re at 105 South Street, right by South Station.)

You might have noticed that we changed A LOT this year. We launched womenswear and five new stores, which you seem to love. We launched a fully seamless 3D-printed garment—unreal! And we launched a new brand identity to bring our vision and products to life in a new way. Any feedback on the changes? Does our new identity reflect our roots in innovation and empathy, combined? If you joined us recently, we’d love to hear from you too. Please reply with thoughts!

So, what’s next?

We’ll continue to set the pace of innovation for fashion-meets-function.
When we refined our brand identity, many asked if we were changing our mission. The short answer is "no"—we’re still very much striving to be the brand of clothing that you want to wear to work. That’s why we're doubling down on inventing apparel, and investing further into things like our seamless 3D printed garments. Much more to come here.

We’ll keep talking with you relentlessly, attempting to “quantify empathy”.
We want to talk with you (see note above re: a beer at our office, please take us up on it!). We’ve created some noise in the fashion world based purely on our empathetic approach. How are your clothes holding you back? What benefits could be unlocked by smarter clothing? We'll continue to log every detail of your feedback, and continue to research and test—everything from how skin stretches to heat and pressure points—to keep up with your very real needs. Please reply with feedback on anything and everything! It’s what fuels us.

We are doubling down on our 1 In, 1 Out program, with a twist.

We’re opening a clothing shelter! Empathy also means contributing to our community. We launched “1 In, 1 Out” two years ago, encouraging you to simplify your closet by donating clothing through us for those in need. In 2017, we’re taking it to the next level. We’re working with local work rehabilitation programs to outfit their clients for interviews and beyond, using the clothes you’ve donated (thousands to date!)

At the risk of this getting too long-winded, we’ll end with a massive THANK YOU for giving us this chance—this once in a lifetime opportunity to have an idea, then bring it to life and play some small part in unlocking something greater in your day.


Aman (standing with Gihan and Kit as we hit “send”)