AEON Crew Neck

AEON Crew Neck

Soft as a sweatshirt. Sleek as a sweater. The Aeon is a new take on your favorite pullover - and stays fresh far longer. 


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Meet the Aeon Midlayer

It’s tailored for the workweek. But lab-engineered for your body’s every move.

The Technology

Leave no odor behind.

Because coffee absorbs odor, we infuse recycled polyester yarns with reclaimed coffee grounds to develop a stench-fighting fabric that’s three times more effective at absorbing odor than cotton. We use this coffee-infused fabric to create next-to-skin garments that keep you fresh.


Stay dry.

Some fibers absorb moisture. Some repel it. So we fused the two to create a special hydroblend fabric. Mixing cotton and nylon, the material pulls moisture quickly from your body, then stores it away from your skin.


Move freely.

Using Photogrammatic Strain Analysis, we mapped how muscles, joints, and skin all bend and stretch as the body moves. Then we designed AEON to move right along with it. So you’re never constricted.


Go softly.

Inside you’ll find a soft, brushed lining, specially engineered to resist pilling. So your AEON retains that “new hoodie” feel no matter how much many times you wash it.



+ Slim fit style
+ Material: 100% coffee-infused, recycled polyester
+ Series: AEON
+ Factory: BlueWave - Fuzhou, China


+ JAVAfresh odor control
+ Moisture wicking
+ Brushed interior finishing


+ Turn your garment inside-out and switch your wash and dry settings to low heat.

+ Do not dry clean.