APOLLO dress shirt

APOLLO dress shirt

NASA spacesuit technology. A clean, tailored design. It all started with the Apollo.


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Meet the Apollo Dress Shirt

And the lab-engineered technology – plus workweek-ready styling – that put us on the map.

The Technology

Regulate your temperature.

Taking NASA’s lead, we incorporated Phase Change Materials (or PCMs) into the Apollo. It’s he same technology used in space suits: PCMs absorb heat away from your skin when you’re overheated, then release the heat when you’re cold.


Stay dry.

Apollo is made of a silky-soft, 100% PCM-infused polyester engineered to pull moisture quickly from your body, so it evaporates at the shirt’s exterior.


Move freely.

Using Photogrammatic Strain Analysis, we mapped how muscles, joints, and skin all bend and stretch as the body moves. Then we designed Apollo to move with it – allowing you 360 degrees of maneuverability.


Find structure.

We applied thermolamination technology to the semi-spread collars and square-barrel cuffs, so they’re always crisp and structured. (No stays or irons required.)



+ Slim fit style
+ Material: 100% PCM-infused, moisture wicking polyester
+ Series: Apollo
+ Factory: Bluewave - Fuzhou, China


+ Moisture wicking
+ Temperature regulating with NASA PCMs
+ 4-way stretch
+ Everfuse collar and cuffs stay sharp
+ Wrinkle free


+ Turn your garment inside-out and switch your wash and dry settings to low heat.
+ Do not dry clean.